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Doulos Books exists to 
  • provide believers with quality, scripturally sound resources to establish a solid foundation in the Word, 
  • provoke them to embrace the lifestyle of a bondservant, and 
  • prepare them for Jesus' return.
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Resources to equip and prepare the body of Christ
About Us
Our name:

Doulos is the Greek word for bondservant.

bond•ser•vant: n. a person bound to service without wages; devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interests

Jesus described true followers as those who hear with the intent to obey, are known by God because they abide in Jesus (the Word), and follow Him no matter the cost (cf. John 10:27-28). These are the bondservants of Christ. The name Doulos Books was chosen to reflect these core values which define authentic relationship with God. 

The Word of God teaches that it is the bondservants of Christ who are shown 'what will soon take place' (Rev. 1:1). Those who embrace the lifestyle of the bondservant will also be granted the dual identity as friends of God, privy to their Master's business. It is our hope to offer quality resources that provoke readers to pursue their relationship with God in a deeper and more meaningful way, to grow in their commitment to follow Christ no matter the cost, and to fuel longing for Jesus' return.

Doulos Books is a small, family-owned business in Rapid City, SD. We began publishing in 2011 with our first title, The Bondservant's Life: Foundation for Understanding Prophecy, and a Call to Maturity, Love, and Unity in the Knowledge of God, by John Brenner Chandler. Our goal is to provide the body of Christ with scripturally sound materials to edify and equip the believer to walk out his or her faith in spirit and in truth, and to prepare believers for the second coming of Christ.

We are a  GREEN PUBLISHER, using print-on-demand and just-in-time        production techniques to minimize natural resource and energy use. This also ensures that our readers get the latest versions of our books at the lowest possible cost. Our printer has received CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY certification  from three leading environmental organizations:

  • The Forest Stewardship Council​
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative​
  • Programme of Forestry Certification​
"The sum of your word is truth."
-Psalm 119:160
"I love my Master...I will not go out free." 
-Ex. 21:5