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The Bondservant's Life: Foundation for Understanding Prophecy, and Call to Maturity, Love, and Unity in the Knowledge of God, by John Brenner Chandler
In-Depth Discipleship Course in the Knowledge of God
The Bondservant’s Life, by John Brenner Chandler, was written to help those who desire to lay a solid foundation of faith built on the truth in God's Word, as well as those who are eager to understand Bible prophecy. 

About the  Book Foundation work is necessary for every believer to become an authentic follower of Christ and remain steadfast during the trials of life. Contrary to popular belief, following Christ involves more than a decision—it is a call to serve God in love, loyalty, and radical commitment. The goal is transformation and living in wholehearted devotion to God. 

A biblical foundation requires growth in the knowledge of God and commitment to walk out that knowledge in spirit and truth. This forms the basis for the bondservant identity. A heart postured to serve God out of love and loyalty leads to unity within the believing community and friendship with God. From this place of friendship, God reveals His prophetic plans to prepare His people for what lies ahead. 

Throughout the book, the author emphasizes relationship with God and the development of a genuine walk of faith in Christ grounded in the Word. The author explores foundational topics with application for the believer’s life so the believer can operate in faith founded on truth. 

Readers’ Comments:

  • Amazing book... incredibly well-thought out and thoroughly researched.
  • Loved it! We're going to use it in our Bible study.
  • Excellent work! Every pastor should read this.
  • This book made a real difference in my life... answered so many questions.
  • I am impressed by your depth, knowledge, and humility.
  • At times it seems like every line is loaded and full of insight & information.
  • I have not seen one word or thought that is not scripturally sound... so helpful and insightful.
  • I have begun the book and love it! To my surprise, I can understand it. Beautiful, wonderful.

"It is clear you have spent a lot of time, effort, research, and prayer on this project. 
WOW!!!! Nice job! Great work for His Kingdom. Todah rabbah!"

Of Interest to Prophecy Students The book of Revelation was given to show Jesus’ bondservants what must soon take place. Casual or even scholarly reading of prophecy will not give the right interpretation because it was written for His bondservants alone. But just who are His bondservants?

The apostles each identified themselves as Jesus' bondservants. Being a bondservant requires a heart postured to do God's will out of love and devotion, no matter the personal cost. It is this demonstration of love and loyalty to God's purposes that enables the bondservant to walk in the dual identity as a friend of God, privy to His Master's business. Establishing a relationship with God through a foundation built on accurate interpretation of the Word is the key to understanding prophecy. Only through illumination by the Spirit of God can we hope to correctly handle God's Word. For those who are hungry and searching, this book provides the biblical basis for moving forward in the bondservant lifestyle, opening the door to understanding prophecy in the timing and purpose of God.

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Note from the publisher We believe this book not only provides a solid biblical foundation for believers, but that it will nicely complement recent Christian bestsellers Crazy LoveForgotten GodRadical, and Not a Fan. Picking up where John MacArthur's Slave left off, the depth and scope of this book in combination with the author’s expository skill and clarity make this book a significant contribution to the Christian community. 

Publication Date: February 14, 2012
ISBN 978-0-9838102-0-9
520 pages, 9.6 x 6.7 x 1
$29.99 US/$35.99 CAN

Published by Doulos Books, Rapid City, SD 
Available from Spring Arbor/Ingram and 

With careful scholarship, the author addresses controversial matters and difficult passages with insight and the goal of promoting unity. While volumes have been written about each topic in this book, the reader will find the answers needed to build a solid foundation based on the Word in this one comprehensive work. From this foundation, love and unity can flourish, and the door to understanding prophecy can be opened in the timing and purpose of God. The Bondservant's Life will fuel desire to go deeper in relationship with God, broaden your view of God’s Word, provoke you to examine your faith, and challenge your understanding of true community among believers.
About Doulos Books: Doulos Books is an independent small press dedicated to providing believers with quality, biblically sound resources to help believers establish a solid foundation in the Word and provoke them to embrace the lifestyle of a bondservant of Christ. Our goal is to edify and equip the believer to walk out his or her faith in spirit and in truth, and to prepare believers for the second coming of Christ.
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Latest Release April 2014

God's Chayil Women

Moving Beyond Tradition to Embrace Truth
and God-given Purpose

by K.P. Taylor

From the Back Cover: 

Women of God, it is time to step out of the shadows and into the light.

     God’s Chayil Women presents a powerful and passionate argument not only for God’s approval of women in ministry, but for the particular aspect of God’s character women were chosen to represent. The church has dramatically undervalued women and the vital contributions they yearn to offer. 
    The author brings to light biblical case law that upholds God's decision to include women in positions of authority. Case law precedents provide Scripture with internal safety checks that serve to guide Bible students to proper interpretation of the regulatory law in Scripture. They also serve to expose translator and interpreter bias and carelessness. 
    Debunking gender stereotypes and myths about women as well as carefully deconstructing common interpretations of controversial passages leaves little room for doubt. This timely look at God’s original intent and high regard for His daughters will dramatically change the way the church views women, and more importantly, how women view themselves. 
    With doubt and fear removed by God’s truth, women can experience freedom to take their place in the body of Christ. Single-mindedness provides the spark women need to be wholehearted, empowering them to labor confidently in their God-given callings. It is time to step out of the darkness of uncertainty and into the light of faith firmly grounded in truth.

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The Midwest Book Review

Review published in April 2012 Small Press Book Watch

"Author John Brenner Chandler has served in various aspects of ministry for assorted denominational and non-denominational churches for over thirty years... In The Bondservant's Life, Chandler shares his understanding of what it truly means to follow the word of Christ, pledging loyalty to Him as one of His eternally faithful bond-servants. Chapters address what it truly means to be a faithful bondservant to Christ, and how it transforms one's life; why Christ's bondservants have a duty to labor and struggle...; the role that "works" play in one's journey as a believer; and much more... A powerful testimony of everlasting faith, and the humility and resolve to serve Christ, The Bondservant's Life is highly recommended spiritual reading for devout Christians."
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